Our Story

An Order of Bling is a delightful jewellery brand that celebrates wit, soul and artistry. 

We elaborate upon jewellery, to create modern irreverent opulence, that harks back to the glamour of the grand old days.

Meticulously crafted and easily appreciated, fine jewellery from An Order of Bling is celebrated for generations and is nothing less and everything more.


Constantly optimistic, we are filled with dreams and happiness to the point where we are“ A Good kind of Madness”.

“Madness?!” why not, because when we let loose, we are free to pursue great ideas.

The truth is, madness is the new smart. Madness comes from our gut, like laughing uncontrollably & loving unconditionally.

It happens when we take charge and live our lives so passionately that our dreams become a reality and our lives are filled with love.

Love that shines through in every moment and everything we do – simple or complex, small or big. It is the ability to celebrate with infectious excitement that makes us memorable and earns us a spot in our client’s “Little Black Books”.

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The Designer

A dreamer, an art enthusiast, a story-teller; the one willing to wear her heart on her sleeve. Our principal designer Sara Sze, has a craze for jewellery that is at a fever pitch.

Her excitement sparks the intellectual process behind the creations that often surprise and embody artful eclectic distinction.

This has led her to be the first Singaporean jeweller to have works available on 1stdibs.com where the “most beautiful things on earth” are showcased.

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