Water Colour Baroque Earrings

Description and Details

White and Gold Gradient Baroque Pearl Earrings

This is what happens when a Mother Oyster decides its William Turner. It takes the white and gold lip in its shell and creates a colour graduation that is Art. Beautiful, wonderful, organic pearls in this Gold Baroque Dangling Earrings make you want to sing “What a wonderful world”.

13mm Baroque Pearls
18K Yellow Gold
2 Diamonds, 0.06ct
L 65mm x W 13mm
Weight: 21.4g

About '' Collection
  • The Gem Made Me Do It

    An Order of Bling’s principal designer Sara Sze believes she is a gem whisperer and that some gems really speak to her and tell her what they want to be. These are truly one of a kind pieces as they are really one of a kind gems.