Commissioning Jewellery

A jewellery commission, is a special request to custom make a precious piece of Jewellery.

At An Order of Bling, we have successfully created quite a portfolio of these commissions and have caused some clients to whooop with joy and others to be moved to tears but all our clients to love the pieces they now own.

So what is in our secret sauce? It’s the chemistry between you, the Commissioner and Us.

You must first trust and allow us to delve deep into the intention of the piece.

We will take your secrets and stories and mix it with our imagination and then when it is just right, we will hand it over to the elves that make the magic happen with their hands in the workshop.

So, the process begins with..

A meet & greet (virtual or otherwise). Come enthusiastically prepared with details and photo references of people, places and things that form the foundation of the commission. We will take notes and banter back and promise it will be fun.

Once we have broken the ice and you decide you want An Order of Bling to handle your commission, we will estimate the time and its associated cost to sketch you a proposal. The proposal fee is paid to confirm this 1st stage of the commission and we keep all rights to the sketches at this point.

Next, we share the proposal sketch and you provide your feedback and we take notes to make it perfect. At this stage we will provide you with a quotation that estimates the cost to make this piece come true. If you agree to the costs, you will sign off on the commission and seal the deal with a 50% deposit for the cost of the estimate.

As we work to make this piece a reality, we will provide you with updates and a 3D render to help you visualise and get you excited about the piece.

Finally, when the piece is ready, we will hardly be able to contain ourselves as we wait for you to come and collect it. Our excitement will stem from knowing how much joy we will be delivering. And so, with final payment, you would have experienced commissioning your very own piece with An Order of Bling.