With Diamonds

I read a quote once.

It said “If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”

I found this statement very powerful and it made me think about words and how they can become etched forever in our minds and hearts.

It is the fundamental way we communicate and its so important for us to say what we mean.

This was the inspiration behind the “Writing with Diamonds Series”.

As a jewellery brand, people will wonder, “What are you all about?”

The collection that speaks for the band, is “Writing with Diamonds”.

It explains that at An Order of Bling, we really want to put meaning into our work. When we write with Diamonds, its makes the person reading the word, question the intention of the piece, especially because we don’t publish conventional words as we are not a conventional brand.

We read words instinctively when we see them, we can’t help it. So you must be prepared to explain the word or words and why you chose it. This isn’t jewellery for the faint hearted.

This is for the individual who wants to make a statement and have that statement last for generations.

Afterall, at An Order of Bling, we want to “Start Conversations & Last Generations”.


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